16 May 2024

World Champion and net-zero racing team, Envision Racing, and Cartoon Network EMEA, Warner Bros. Discovery’s number one animated series network, have announced a new partnership to engage children in the race against climate change on the popular gaming platform, Roblox, as part of the Cartoon Network Climate Champions campaign.

Envision Racing - the greenest team on the grid of the world's greenest motorsport championship, joins forces with Cartoon Network Game On! - an immersive experience on Roblox, to introduce the brand-new Climate E-Racers activation.

A new addition to the Cartoon Networks Climate Champions initiative on Roblox, the experience will enable players to race each other in vehicles customised using e-waste they collect around the game, completing Climate Champions Challenges along the way.

The game launches today, Thursday 16 May, with a range of challenges and opportunities awaiting young players.

Racing through different Cartoon Network worlds, players will receive support from their favourite Cartoon Network characters and utilise power-ups to speed their way to the finish line. Additionally, players can stock up on brand-new items for their avatars, featuring Cartoon Network and Envision Racing elements.

Robin from Teen Titans Go!, decked out in racing gear, will welcome all racers and guide players as they embark on new Climate Champions e-waste challenges. Climate E- Racers is equipped with multiple elements needed to win a race:

• Car customisation - where players can customise their car with accessories and decals.
• Helmet section – where players can customize their helmets with unique branded stickers.
• Leaderboards – where the top 10 fastest weekly times for the race challenges will be showcased, along with a statue of the current fastest player, adding to the thrill and excitement of the race.
• Teleports – where two teleports will take players to either multiplayer or single-player races.

Throughout the Cartoon Network Island, hidden e-waste can be collected by users. Players will also earn e-waste tokens if they complete a race, which can be spent on the cosmetic upgrades for their vehicles. With an upgrade users can choose a beloved Cartoon Network character and invite them to be their co-driver. Whether Raven from Teen Titans Go!, Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball, Craig from Craig of the Creek, Panda from We Baby Bears, and Ivandoe from Prince Ivandoe, every fan can find their favourite.

The activation offers more cosmetic upgrades that include modifications that use key items of e-waste, to represent how old electronics can be given a new life through recycling, as well as wacky wheels such as dustbin lids or doughnuts and different Cartoon Network-themed bumpers or spoilers.

After setting up their cars for racing, players have the option of the Solo Race Challenge, where they must attempt to achieve the fastest time around three laps of the track while avoiding obstacles. Alternatively, they can participate in the Multiplayer Race, a competitive experience where up to five players race around the track for three laps, grabbing power-ups and using them against their opponents as they race through the worlds of their favourite Cartoon Network shows.

Monika Oomen, VP of Brand, Communications, and Digital Content Strategy for Kids EMEA at Warner Bros. Discovery, expressed, "In our efforts to engage kids into climate action, the partnership with Envision is a vital addition to our Cartoon Networks Climate Champions campaign on Roblox, within CN GameON! Through gamification, we provide a fun and relevant activity that reaches children where they love spending time.

Our strategic collaboration with Envision Racing allows us to inform, inspire, and empower kids about climate change, integrating learning about E-waste seamlessly into play and nurturing climate-friendly behaviour."

Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer at Envision Racing, said: "We are thrilled to be bringing together the worlds of Envision Racing and Cartoon Network on Roblox. Alongside competing at the highest levels of motorsport, Envision Racing exists to use the power of sport to inspire action to address climate change. As part of that, we are always looking to develop new and exciting propositions to engage young people in the creation of a sustainable future.

“Climate E-Racers on Roblox is a perfect example of that. We look forward to delivering this innovative new experience with Cartoon Network and bringing Envision Racing to new audiences in the metaverse."

Cartoon Network Game On! allows players to engage in games where they can explore the virtual worlds of hit Cartoon Network series, and now with the brand-new Climate E-Racers, will help to create awareness with kids of the global issue of electric waste through gamification.

This comes as annual electronic waste production is on track to reach a staggering 75 million tonnes by 2030 and includes items such as mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, plugs and batteries.

As part of Envision Racing’s Race Against Climate Change programme, the team has long aimed to energise fans to help save the planet, with the growing problem of e-waste a recent focus. In 2023 the team unveiled the world’s first, fully driveable race car made entirely out of e-waste to highlight the growing worldwide problem.

Cartoon Network’s Climate Champions initiative empowers and inspires young people to act and help the environment. Kids aged 6-12 can become Climate Champions by taking up daily challenges and making a world of difference together. The collaboration with world champion racing team, Envision Racing, illustrates Cartoon Network’s efforts to educate young minds.

Cartoon Network further expands the Climate Champions initiative by integrating it into Cartoon Network Game On! Incorporating the e-waste Climate Challenges ensures that our message reaches kids during their playtime.

So, buckle up as the Climate E-Racers launches on May 16th.


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